You don’t want to take those service calls on a furnace or a boiler because …

Don’t know how to use a meter?

Don’t know how to do a start-up?

Don’t know how to troubleshoot?

Don’t know how to use a Combustion Analyzer?

“Or you just don’t know how the thing works!!”


WORTH Training in the Saskatoon area is a company that believes anyone can overcome their fears and conquer any HVAC problem



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(According to a 2016 report by Stats Canada, there were almost 800 HVAC Establishments in Canada that was paying a total salary of over $800 million)

Don’t leave that money on the table! Enjoy a successful career in the growing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Industry here in the Saskatoon area



Take one easy course at a time and start fixing furnaces

Saskatoon Area HVAC Training Courses …

Home Furnace Burner Blower Ignited

Level 1 – Introduction to Residential Heating

These Residential HVAC Training Courses in the Saskatoon area will give you technical troubleshooting skills relating to all aspects of residential heating and ventilation. We designed these courses to cater to the everyday experiences of a Service Technician so you’ll have the confidence to identify and repair all residential heating and ventilation equipment

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