What Ohms should I be reading

How do I know what resistance this igniter should be This chart is gonna help answer the question I get at almost every class, and it’s a chart I will put in the student books as well. What resistance reading should I get when I’m testing HSI’s? When testing the resistance on HSI’s you want

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What are ‘Dry Contacts’

I came up with the topic of ‘Dry Contacts’ for this email when I was replacing an instantaneous water heater with a Combi-Boiler last week. The boiler manufacturer in this case has low voltage terminals to engage the call for heat, and high voltage terminals to engage system pumps. But the manufacturer requires that the

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Is a Smart Valve really that ‘Smart’?

I had been thinking about doing an email on the Honeywell Smart Valves for a long time now. And since I recently had a discussion with a fellow service technician about his trouble diagnosing one, it made me think of the 2 most common issues I experienced with those valves. So, today is the day. While there is

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