The Plan

As an HVAC Service Technician, every day is a new day, and a new list of problems to solve.  You may not know what situations you will encounter today, but just take a deep breath, and exhale – ‘It’s just an inanimate object at the mercy of your will; don’t let it beat you.’

WORTH Training has been in the back of my mind for many years and it is through the encouragement of a friend and the ongoing evidence there needs to be more training … WORTH Training came to life. The training is designed to introduce you to all aspects of residential HVAC service and maintenance.  The courses at WORTH Training are levels 1 through to level 5. They will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of basic residential heating equipment and how to repair them.  Upon completion of all of the course levels you will be confident on a service call and continue excel as a ‘problem solver’.  The content throughout the course levels are real world applicable, easy to follow, and easy to complete.    The WORTH Training Plan is designed to give you the tools you need to conquer HVAC problems with confidence.

The WORTH Training Plan also helps you excel as a Service Technician through on-going training and on-going support.  WORTH Training will continue to offer courses to further expand your technical skills, and provide relevant training in an ever-growing, and ever increasingly technical market.   Some of the Courses that will be offered are …

  1. Air Conditioning.  An introductory course into the world of refrigeration for those who are interested in learning how to install, ‘split’ air conditioning units used in residential and many commercial applications.  This will be available in the Spring of 2019.  It will provide practical hands on training from learning how to bend pipe, to recovering refrigerant and to replacing a compressor in a condenser.
  2. Advanced Technical Training.  This course provides an in-depth look  into commercial equipment controls including  3 phase power.
  3. Welding, Boiler Design and Boiler Controls.
  4. Commercial Equipment including Economizer controls.

WORTH Training is working at developing Technical support through the website as an on-site resource that will be available to assist you in troubleshooting equipment, (still working on that).

Your increased knowledge and confidence can help the customer overcome their fears of hiring you to fix their problems, and it will help your boss trust you under those tough circumstances.  Too many cases show up in the Service Tech’s ‘gossip column’, and in the rising complaints of the customers, that customers are not getting the professional service they are paying for.  The customer is inadvertently paying for the Technicians training as the technician ‘fumbles’ through the service call causing increased bills to the customer.

Follow the WORTH Training Plan, and join the community of Quality Service Technicians to help fight the battle against bad technicians!

Learning is for life.  Without learning, we grow not, we achieve not, and we conquer not.  So, learn with me, and let’s conquer real-world problems, making it a better place for everyone.

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