Furnace Repair

Residential Heating

There are currently 2 classes of Residential Heating available. The 2 day course introduces you to all aspects of residential furnaces, and the other class is a 1 day class of Advanced Controls.

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Cooling Repair

Residential Cooling

Currently there is one Residential Cooling class. It is a 2 day class and it will introduce you to how a split system works, and how to troubleshoot it.  It will take you through the install process from ‘cutting in the coil’, to the initial start-up. How to measure airflow, static pressure, and more.

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WORTH TRAINING also offers a course that qualifies for the CanSask Job Grant. The complete introductory course to Residential HVAC Service and Maintenance is the three classes combined. This grant can help subsidize course costs for you the student.

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