Residential Cooling

WORTH TRAINING will show you how to install and service A/C’s.


Introduction to Residential Air Conditioning

This is a 2 day class. This Residential Cooling course will introduce you to how the cooling equipment works, how the refrigerant cycle works, how to identify potential problems, and how to diagnose problems.  It will introduce you to all the necessary tools you need to do a service call and give you practice using them. It will take you through the install process from ‘cutting in the coil’, to the initial start-up. You will learn how to evacuate a system, and charge a system. You will learn to troubleshoot systems controls, and to troubleshoot system efficiency.

The second day is designed to give you more troubleshooting skills by introducing you to T.E.S.P. and the 5 characteristics of air. The Total External Static Pressure of air in the duct plays a significant role in determining how much air can move through the evaporator coil. And we will introduce to you the Psychometric Chart that helps us understand the relationship between the 5 characteristics of air. We will also take a quick look at sizing ductwork to evaluate potential air flow issues. ($799/technician)

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