Residential Heating

Introduction to Residential Heating

This is a 2 day course. The first course we have available is an introduction to the world of an HVAC Technician. This class will introduce you to electricity, how it works, and how to follow it in a circuit. We will introduce you to multi-meters, manometers and how to use them. An introduction to relays, and controls and the assorted components in todays furnaces. We will teach you troubleshooting skills and take you through troubleshooting scenarios. We will teach you how to do basic ‘Start-ups’ on equipment and what a basic ‘Service Call’ looks like on an actual functioning furnace.

You will also learn about the different motors the HVAC industry uses from the shaded pole motor to the ECM motor and how to troubleshoot them. We will also learn how and why we use Combustion Analyzers. ($799/technician)

Advanced Controls

This is a one day class. In this class the technician will learn how to draw their own wiring diagram, wire equipment with a wiring diagram, and troubleshoot using the wiring diagram. They will spend more time learning controls and how to wire them to apply a sequence of operation on the Training Centers. ($399/technician)

RTU Maintenance Course

This is a one day class. This is a one day class for that will introduce technicians to the world of Roof Top Units. You will learn the special components of a RTU and how to troubleshoot them, how to be safe around them, how to service them, and how to do a maintenance check-up on them. How to check belts and motors and the controls associated with it’s function and garner the skills to effectively fulfill a preventative maintenance agreement.

It will introduce you the Economizer and it’s associated controls. How to troubleshoot the W7212 controller and introduce you to the Jade controller. It will also make you aware of several electrical safety concerns and give you the knowledge to make you and your workspace safe. ($399/technician)

General Maintenance Course

This is a one day class that will introduce the Maintenance Technician to their maintenance responsibilities on furnaces, Air Conditioners, HRV’s, and Roof Top Units. This is an excellent class for those who are responsible for facilities management on multiple buildings that have a variety of heating and cooling pieces of equipment. ($399/technician)

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CanSask Job Grants

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